Frequently asked questions

Here is our most common questions about our business. Do you lack an answer to a specific question? Please contact us via email or phone!

I want to rent a P.O. Box - what do I do?

Contact us via email or phone and describe what type of service you need. After that, we will schedule a time when it´s convenient to meet, sign contract, recieve keys and tags, and information about our security system.  

When are you open?

We are staffed saturdays 10 AM to 3 PM. Ring the doorbell. Information about staffing and opening hours are posted under "News"

Do I need to show ID to rent a P.O. Box?  

Yes. Photo ID. Minors ned to be accompanied by a legal guradian.

What does "Special postal address" mean?

A special postal address with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) is a compliment to your address in the population register. You need to register a special postal address with the tax agency.

Where do I register a special postal address?

Register special postal address at

Is my special postal address terminated if I move?


May I rent a P.O. Box for a shorter time than 6 months? 

No. According to the law stated at the tax agency homepage "Register a special postal address with the Swedish Tax Agency if you want your mail to be delivered to an address other than your address in the population register for a period of at least six months”

Does it cost anything to register a special postal address? 


Why do I need to register a personal code in my lease? 

Your personal code will make it possible for us to determine your identity without actaully meeting you in person, in case you want to change your service over the phone. This will prevent an unauthorized person to call in and forward your mail to a new address unbeknownst to you. 

Do you cooperate with any third party and share customer information?

No. We do not cooperate with any third party, in Sweden or otherwise about any information about our customers. The only exception to this is in accordance to court order.

How do I pay for my P.O. Box?

Accepted payments are card, Swish or invoice.

How do I deposit my postage fee?

1. Use PG 197 29 39-1 or Swish 123 066 44 58.
2. In messages, write ”Postage deposition, address for P.O Box, and number of P.O Box”.
Exempel ”Postage deposition Boden 1001”
3. Done!

How do I know how much is left of my postage deposition?

Contact us via epost and we will answer as fast as possible.

Can I get a temporary forwarding of my mail?

Contact us via phone or email and state your personal code, box number and where to send it. 

Lulevägen 24, 961 33, Boden 

073 - 065 35 09

The office is staffed saturdays 10-15, otherwise as agreed.
NOTICE! Week 27-32 the office won't be staffed as usual!

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